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Suge Knight generally tends to leave his chill tucked away when referencing other rappers, so it wasn’t exactly shocking when the former Death Row CEO appeared on Arsenio to compare Kendrick Lamar and The Game’s record contracts to 12 Years a Slave field labor.

Both artists are signed to Interscope and Suge did allude to Jimmy Iovine being the head of the KKK, so although he obviously has a vendetta in the matter, he still said it.

TMZ ran up on Game after a night of partying to question Suge’s reasoning behind the reckless statement and the Jesus Piece rapper basically pled no contest.

“Suge is an O.G. and he know a lot of stuff. He got inside connections and he might be right, he might be wrong; you never know,” Game said in a jovial mood after leaving the club. “I don’t know if it’s true but what is true is that I’m rich as motherf*****!”

He then proceeded to start rapping Young Thug’s “Danny Glover” as if the party was still going down in his head.

We’re still waiting on Suge to respond to Lake Lloyd calling him a snitch, though.

As that struggle manifests further, hit the flip to see the video of Game’s response.

Photo: Instagram/The Game

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