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Occurring nearly three miles from where the Columbine High School happened 11 years, ago a middle school math teacher was able to stop a gunman from creating a new tragedy.

Taking place in Littleton, Colorado, the suspected gunman was pacing through the parking lot of Deer Creek Middle School where he was taking shots at students with a hunting rifle before teacher Daivd Benke tackled the gunman.

Described as a 32-year-old gunman, Benke, with the assistance of another teacher, brought the shooter to the ground and subdued the attacker before he could cause more harm.

According to the Associated Press Benke was unable to stop the shooter before he was able to let off another shot.

“Unfortunately he got another round off before I could grab him,” Benke said. “He figured out that he wasn’t going to be able to get another round chambered before I got to him so he dropped the gun and then we were kind of struggling around trying to get him subdued.”

Benke stated that he was monitoring the parking lot when he heard the sound, believing it was a firecracker, and went to investigate.

Out of the chaos, two students were shot in the mayhem, but both have survived with one remaining hospitalized in critical condition at The Children’s Hospital.

The shooter, Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood, is expected to face at least two counts of attempted murder.  In regards to a motive, authorities are unable to figure out why Eastwood targeted the school, but reports show that he attended the school back in the 90’s.

He is currently being held at Jefferson County Jail.

According to Eastwood’s father, his son suffered from mental problems and heard voices.  He added that his son was dealing with financial problems.