Blueface was arrested on Tuesday (Nov. 15) in Las Vegas and charged with attempted murder. The incident in question took place on Oct. 8.

Apparently the Simmons DNA runs long in the south. A man who resembles Darkman X is on the run for some gunplay.

Lil Durk is currently looking at attempted murder charges after a shooting in Atlanta went down earlier this year with the Chicago rapper at the center of the melee. Durk has requested that his travel restrictions be temporarily lifted in order to collect on show and appearance paydays around the nation.

Christine Chisholm, the woman suing 2 Chainz for $10 million over some social media embarrassment, has alluded to that notion that she is batsh*t crazy more times than not. This personality trait was further exhibited in her latest courtroom appearance where she accused the Atlanta rap star of not only attempted murder but bragging about […]

By now, most social media mavens have seen (and grimaced) at the video of 17-year-old Sean Johnson brutally pounding in a fellow classmate’s face in to the point where the poor sap went into convulsions.

Authorities in Nevada arrested a man on a rampage with a sledgehammer Friday (Oct. 23). Las Vegas resident Damien D. Robins, 31, attacked 10 people in an hour, including an elderly couple. 

Pakistan needs to update the law books. A 9-month-old baby copped an attempted murder charge along with his dad and grandpa, because they (not him) threw stones at gas company employees and police as a show of protest on Feb. 1.

Three little letters got a mother in Kentucky in all kinds of trouble: BBQ. Lamonica Anganette Hill was arrested Monday (Oct. 15) for setting her apartment on fire while her son slept in his room. The mother living in Lexington, is facing attempted murder and and first-degree arson charges for starting a blaze, which she […]

Occurring nearly three miles from where the Columbine High School happened 11 years, ago a middle school math teacher was able to stop a gunman from creating a new tragedy. Taking place in Littleton, Colorado, the suspected gunman was pacing through the parking lot of Deer Creek Middle School where he was taking shots at […]