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By now, most social media mavens have seen (and grimaced) at the video of 17-year-old Sean Johnson brutally pounding in a fellow classmate’s face in to the point where the poor sap went into convulsions.

The junior year football player at Baltimore’s Frederick Douglass High School was immediately charged with attempted murder, a charge that his attorney is attributing to the reactions on…social media.

“If this video did not hit social media, we would not be here today,” Johnson’s attorney Landon White told Baltimore District Court Judge Jamey Hueston according to the Baltimore Sun. White is currently clamoring for a second-degree assault charge for his client.

The nearly :30 second clip doesn’t offer up much explanation but now that Johnson has been on ice for nearly a week, we have a motive for the fight. Apparently the victim had stolen the visor to Johnson’s football helmet during some sort of prank and a boiling point was reached. White claims his client was “overcharged” but maybe he just overreacted?

“We have to stop protecting the bully and that’s what this case is pretty much all about,” White cried as the judge refused to grant Johnson bail. The teen is also no angel, having been arrested previously for marijuana possession and a 2013 charge for conspiracy to commit robbery with a deadly weapon.

As for the victim, he’s currently hospitalized in stable condition but will reconstruction surgery from the unsolicited facelift he just received.

Check out the video of the fight on the next page, if you’re not squeamish or at work.

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