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Christine Chisholm, the woman suing 2 Chainz for $10 million over some social media embarrassment, has alluded to that notion that she is batsh*t crazy more times than not. This personality trait was further exhibited in her latest courtroom appearance where she accused the Atlanta rap star of not only attempted murder but bragging about it on one of his records.

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The woman suing 2 Chainz for $10 million for taunting her as a “Thot” in an online video said the rapper has put a hit out on her.

Christine Chisholm said she found out 2 Chainz came to her hometown of Charlotte, N.C. last month to ask people her whereabouts. Shortly after that, Chisholm said she was out jogging when a black Mercedes began following her. The car struck her and then took off, injuring her arm and leaving her sore all over.

The 26-year-old said she’s convinced 2 Chainz, who was born Tauheed Epps, was responsible for the hit and run and wants to have her killed. Chisholm said 2 Chainz even rapped about taking her out on one of his songs, “Watch Out.” The song includes the lyrics, “We waving that thing at your body/We waving that thing at your eye,” as well as “Watch out little bitch,” and “Shawty said she want $5 million cause I told her to leave and call her a thot.”

“Ms. Chisholm later found out after the incident where she was hit by a black Mercedes newer model vehicle that he also went as far as to write a song about what he was going to do in the lyrics ‘Watch Out,’” Chisholm wrote, “stating that they are aiming at her head with a gun and also at her eyes with a gun to basically kill her…she should basically be scared because all his friends break their parole violations by smoking weed and they are all murder(ers).”

Chisholm made the allegations Nov. 9 in new court documents filed in U.S. District Court in Charlotte, and asked a judge to find 2 Chainz guilty of slander, libel and defamation.

The now classic “Thot” video can be found in the video below. The “Watch Out” record is on the next page.

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