Nardwuar today brings us another humorous episode featuring Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys. In it we find out the rapper once died and came back to life.

The self-proclaimed breakdancing genius, who was into graffiti, b-boying and deejaying before he ever found out he could rap, admits he started out as a dancer in New York at the “Swatch Watch” competition (whatever that is). After explaining the covers on a few vintage vinyls, the Jamaican MC reveals he’s the only person in the world with both a birth and death certificate.

“Yeaaa. When I lost my eye, I died in June 19, 1991 at approximately 4:35. And I didn’t come to [life] ’til [I was] in the morgue after 7 o’clock.

Once the pint-sized lyricist resurrected, he urinated on the cop that was standing beside his casket. Because who doesn’t have to use the bathroom after a good night’s rest, am I right?

Enjoy the entire interview, that took place at SXSW 2014, in the video below.

Photo: YouTube

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