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Brows were raised and interests were piqued outside of the ambiance of YG’s chart-topping album when he dropped a freestyle with slanderous bars seemingly aimed at two of his fellow West Coast rappers.

During his March 20 appearance on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show, the Compton native went in on a freestyle with the lyrics, “N****s sneak diss by the way/Well I’m about to frontline this sh*t by the way/These n****s stole my sh*t by the way/So I’m f**k the n****s bitch by the way/I’m talkin’ to two f**ks by the way/Ha! Like whaaat by the way.”

For all those up-to-date on their rapper ad-libs, the last bar with the exaggerated inflections on the delivery was clearly a shot at Tyga and Problem, but YG says everyone else’s interpretation is skewed a bit.

“Look man, I was rappin’ on that freestyle, you feel me? I ain’t say nobody names, I don’t know where names came from,” he relayed to MTV News’ Rob Markman. “But if somebody, whoever feel like I was talkin’ to ’em, fo’ sho. If you don’t fo’ sho. That’s all about that.”

Unmarked diss records turning to beef is nothing new to Hip-Hop culture. Common released a pretty stinging record titled “Sweet” in 2011 which many speculated was about Drake. He later copped out to admitting it was about his light-skinned foe and the two engaged in a short-lived rap war before hoping back in the sandbox together again.

“But that ain’t nothin’ though; that ain’t nothin’ to keep talkin’ about, just a little play, play,” YG continued.

Check out the video below and make your own determination about the situation. DJ Mustard appears to be indifferent about the entire ordeal.