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Marie Claire’s attempts in keeping up with a Kardashian has promptly bit them in the ass with the full sting of Black Twitter.

The long-thriving publication has a m.o. for promoting to youthful, white female audiences and they thought that championing of up-and-coming celebutante Kendall Jenner’s new look would go over well across the globe. On their official Twitter, they made the mistake of blasting out, “Kendall Jenner takes bold braids to a new epic level,” with a picture of the reality TV star sporting about six cornrolls in the side of her head.

With that, the walls of Jericho came tumbling down with meme references and puzzled reactions as to why Marie Claire just didn’t praise a Black woman for the look they’ve sported for ages.

The magazine’s handler quickly issued an apology after the slander became insurmountable stating, “We didn’t mean to offend or imply that cornrows were new. Our tweet was poorly worded. We thought her hair looked great and recognize women have been styling their hair like this for ages.”

The damage had been done and their reputation was tarnished for at least, the day.

Check the gallery for the most slanderous and hilarious responses MC has had to endure for the past few hours. No sympathy, however. They did this to themselves.

Photo: Twitter

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