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Back in February, Stevie J was served with a subpoena to answer to a New York court about the $1.28 million he owes Carol Bennett in child support. Now we learn Stevie’s baby mama has equally served the music mogul’s castmates, record labels and TV networks.


On March 17, 2014, the following entities were served: Bad Boy Records/Entertainment, Inc., Joseline Hernandez, Sony Music Group, VH1 Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Viacom Corp., Universal Music Group, Raymond ‘Benzino’ Scott, The Kompany (President, Stevie Jordan) and Mona Scott/Monami Entertainment.

The subpoenas are a part of a grand scheme to help obtain Stevie’s (né Steven Jordan) financial records, so that Bennett can redeem some of the unpaid child support.

“The subpoenas will enable us to file a petition with the Superior Court of the State of New York to have Mr. Jordan’s royalties seized should he not agree to the terms we present him to pay his unpaid child support,” said Project Child Support, the organization that issued said subpoenas.

[Spotted at RadarOnline]

Photo: WZAK/Twitter