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With all the clamor revolving around the Washington Washington Football Team to change their name due to the insensitivity towards Native Americans, the Cleveland Indians have ostensibly flown under the radar of national criticism.

Expect that change now that a photo of a ridiculously dressed Tribe fan–including an all-out redface makeover–has went viral as he comes within pupil eyeshot of a Native American whose facial expression literally said “scalp the white man.”

Via Deadspin:

The disapproving-dad look from the guy in the newsboy hat. The guy in the back right who is presumably taking a photo, like several other mortified onlookers, but by his expression could just as easily be watching his grandma reenact 2 girls 1 cup on his phone. The air-brushed shirt that, from a crude understanding of how air-brushed shirts work, appears to be a eulogy for several former Indians players who aren’t actually dead.

Whiteface, blackface, redface, Harvey Dent. Can’t we all just get along?

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Photo: Twitter/Cleveland Frowns

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