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A Harlem man made the ill-advised decision to enjoy an adult film in the public view of neighbors and onlookers so cops decided to reward his struggle with a misdemeanor charge for public indecency.

Police say Rudolph Campbell, 48 was standing on the sidewalk plain as day with a portable DVD heavily engaged in his viewing of 2012’s prestigious cinema, Extreme Asses Vol. 18.

Reports NyDailyNews:

Officer William Butler of the 32nd Precinct noted in an arrest report that he could clearly see images on Campbell’s player that were “recklessly creating a risk” and “obstructed vehicular and pedestrian traffic.”

“I observed that the defendant was standing directly in the middle of the sidewalk without moving, and that multiple people, including at least three small children, had to walk around him in order to continue walking down the sidewalk,” Butler wrote.

In exchange for his release with time served, he pleaded guilty Tuesday in Manhattan Criminal Court to public display of offensive sexual material, a misdemeanor.

Campbell, who gave his address as a Brooklyn homeless shelter, has more than 30 prior arrests, on charges including trespass, assault and drugs.

Records show he served two state prison terms, one for possession cocaine in 1991. He violated parole three times, once getting caught with a razor in a city jail.

Even the biggest pervert would keep it tucked with kids running around but Campbell seems to be a special breed of scumbag.

Check out censored front cover of the XXX film he risked his freedom for.

Photo: WENN, Reality Kings

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