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If you were under the impression that creating a neat, compacted four-minute music video with video vixens galore is a breeze, K. Camp, 2 Chainz, director Alex Nazari and his entire staff would politely ask you sing the chorus to “Cut Her Off” while standing underwater.

The entire cast worked diligently under the gun yesterday, April 8 to hammer out the video for the ATL rapper’s hit song, who has been riding high since signing to Interscope. The video’s scenery fluctuates between a lavish loft in downtown LA and popular Chinatown restaurant Golden Dragon, yet the shoot was no vacation. 2 Chainz, Cap 1 and crew cracked nonstop jokes as they mushed through downtime to shoot their scenes and the hired eye candy swapped stories of their previous roles as they waited for their cue as well.

A visibly tired K Camp weathered through a 12-hour day of filming to kick with Hip-Hop Wired a bit and he’s feeling a bit optimistic about the final out. “You need a video for any song to take it to the next level,” Camp explained. “This “Cut It Off” video is very important. And it’s clutch; perfect timing seeing that it’s on the charts.”

Which is true. The anti-woman baggage anthem should be cracking the upper echelon of the Billboard charts come summertime, as it is being picked up on national radio stations at a rabid rate. Wintertime may be cuffing season but the hotter months are infamous for straining relationships, so a new theme song has definitely been birthed.

The veteran assistant director Dan Leaf admits to Hip-Hop Wired that the shoot had more than its share of hiccups and hurdles than he cared for, but fans should expect something “pretty amazing” nonetheless.

“I got all the shots I needed and [people] will see the girls wildin’ the f**k out,” he laughed. “Mixed with Camp and Chainz’ solo shots, it’s going to be a great idea.”

K Camp couldn’t have agreed more. “The people will understand because we’re cutting b*tches off all through the video,” he said.

Grab “Cut Her Off” on iTunes as you wait for the final edit and hit the gallery to see the exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures of the video shoot.

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