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Deciding to take the high road and end any potential issues that could arise, rapper Method Man went out on a limb and apologized to Wacka Flocka Flame.

Previously stating that some rappers in the South have resorted to elementary raps, Mef also added that rappers such as that, which includes Flame, don’t last in the long run.

Since then, he has stated that he won’t knock another man if they are out there making money legally, although adding that he was taken out of context with the points he had previously made.

Speaking on the All Out Show last Friday, the rapper provided more clarity to his words regarding the young rapper.

“[My statement] wasn’t about that man or what that man do. It was about the statement [Waka made],” Meth detailed. “I don’t even know that man to feel any type of way about that man….Anybody trying to eat legally and get their money the way I try to get mines, and ain’t never gonna knock them, man. That’s the last time I say anything about any fu**ing emcee or what they do. I’m going to keep my business to myself.”

He also congratulated Wacka for choosing to be the bigger man and not start an unnecessary beef by simply stating that he respected Mef’s opinion and that it wouldn’t stop him from listening to the Staten Island native’s projects.

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