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Former Olympian and accused murderer Oscar Pistorius may have a little bit more worrying to do if his prosecution gets wind of a new allegation that he took acting classes to manage his various emotions in the court room.

The popular double amputee is currently on trial for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day 2013. Over the course of the nearly two-month long trial, Pistorius has displayed extreme sadness, nausea and solitude every time his dead lover is mentioned, but a woman claiming to know about his situation first-hand is telling the world it’s all just a farce.

Via Janiallan:

Oscar, you bought the gun. You chose the bullet that would cause maximum damage.

I have it from a reliable source that you are taking acting lessons for your days in court. Your coach has an impossible task.

Oscar, I look at you mewling and puking in the witness stand. You truly represent everything that the West loathes about white South Africans who live extravagant lives in their expensive laagers. Your constant and preposterously ridiculous statement that you thought it wasn’t Reeva trapped in the bathroom, but an intruder, opens yet another can of haricots.

The implication of this is that it would have been more acceptable to shoot an intruder the way you did. Execution from behind a closed door.

Oscar, you are the latest in a long line of faux heroes. Like so many who preceded you, you have betrayed your people and disappointed your fans.

Well, his first name is Oscar.

H/T: NYDailyNews

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