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Joey Bada$$ and his musical stylistics have attracted comparisons to the early ‘90s MC. At the tender age of 19, the Brooklyn rapper, born Jo-Vaughn Scott, is hardly your YouTube sensation suckling at the teat of fame.

A bonafide lyricist whose complex poetics alone are enough to make you hit “rewind,” Joey is cut from a different cloth, considering the slew of “new wave” rappers whose careers are bolstered by wicked production or “tight beats.”

In a last minute attempt to sit-down with the Pro Era co-founder, Hip-Hop Wired briefly caught up with Joey outside the quaint Hotel On Rivington. Moments before his set at the WAT-AAH! pop-up concert in SOHO, New York, the rapper shared with us mere tidbits about his highly anticipated debut album before touching on a Beast Coast compilation. While it felt like pulling teeth getting Joey to tell us about his upcoming album, he did manage to hint at a few surprises.

Though the 1999 rapper remained independent, we’re hopeful that his debut album will garner him much deserved attention. B4.DA.$$ (Before The Money) is expected to descend later this year.


Hip-Hop Wired: Will there ever be a Beast Coast compilation album – as in Pro Era, Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies?

Joey Bada$$: Hell yeah.

HHW: When can fans expect that kind of project?

Joey Bada$$: Fans can expect it when Beast Coast goes on tour again, that’s when you guys will get the album.

HHW: Is that soon?

Joey Bada$$: It’s definitely in the near future, for sure. Let’s just leave it at that.

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