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Today, April 22 marks the 20-year anniversary of Matty Rich’s coming-of-age classic, The Inkwell. To celebrate the feat, we follow-up with the film’s main stars and update their whereabouts.

Larenz Tate stars alongside a charismatic ensemble in this throwback homage to “back in the days”. The romantic-comedy placed a spotlight on popular Inkwell Beach located in the posh Martha’s Vineyard. Featuring the talents of Joe Morton as Tate’s father, Suzzanne Douglas as his mother, and a pre-Will Smith Jada Pinkett, the movie follows the adventures of Drew Tate (Larenz Tate) and his attempt to woo IB’s most snooty, yet sexy inhabitant, Lauren (Pinkett-Smith).

The reception of the film stayed within Black Cinema, yet had a brief breakthrough into popular culture. Back in 2000, the series Third Watch features a character named “Doc” who refers to his summers spent at “the Inkwell,” but never mentioned Drew’s companion Iago anywhere in the program.

The Inkwell might have come and go in the minds of hungry cinephiles, but its stars continue to put numbers on the board. We commemorate the memory and legacy of this Touchstone Pictures’ project by finding out where everyone has been and what they’re up to now. Enjoy!

Photo: Touchstone Pictures

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