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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust and her sex tape with Nikko Smith London have been the talk of fans and critics alike of the hit reality TV series. In a video chat with World Star Hip Hop, the shower rod athletes explain why they made the tape with Faust saying she’ll have to explain this struggle to her children one day.


Faust and London curiously shouted out the upcoming third season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, perfect timing as the record-breaking sex tape from Vivid Entertainment dropped Monday. In the interview, the couple got right to breaking down how the Mimi & Nikko: Scandal In Atlanta (The Secret Sex Tape) got its start and how they’re accepting what comes with the territory.

“Basically this is something we do as couples. We like to tape ourselves,” said Nikko. Mimi added, “[W]hat we did as two consenting adults in the privacy of our home is what we did. The way the tape got out, we didn’t intend for this to get out to the public. Especially, for it to be splashed all over the internet.”

She continued, “I have young girls now, even my nieces and my nephews like ‘Oh, my God Auntie.’ So I also have to deal with that. One day I have to explain this to my daughter, of course but we’re two consenting adults and we didn’t do anything wrong.”

Right or wrong, the attention that the tape has garnered for Faust and London is turning into big dollars; Vivid has already said the video is one of the most pirated sex tapes of all time. The couple also warned off potential injury by saying the use of the shower rod prop was more than it appeared to the naked eye.

Peep the interview in the clip below.

Photo: WSHH