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T.I.’s AKOO clothing line is causing controversy in New Jersey after billboards for the line have been deemed “racy” and “inappropriate.”

The billboards show a man with his jeans slightly unbuttoned and his underwear showing with a woman kneeling in front of him.

Agreeing with the sentiments that the ads are inappropriate is Newark Mayor Corey Booker who released a statement saying,

“So often when I am out in the community I see kids wearing their pants too low and others using inappropriate language in public… I will work with my city council to see if we can address it so we don’t see these types of advertisements displayed in our city in the near future.”

AKOO or “A King Of One’s Self” has since released a statement of its own saying that the ads were not meant to be offensive but mean to “inspire individualism and creativity.”


“The AKOO brand has always aimed to inspire individualism and creativity. Our advertising campaign was not created to offend or insult anyone but to simply provoke dialogue and thought regarding male/female sexuality within urban culture. We hope that as more of the campaign is debuted, people will see the multifaceted personality of AKOO.”

Neither T.I. nor Jason Geter, the co-founders of the line, have released personal statements on the matter.

AKOO’s “inspiring” campaign can be seen below.

Now that’s what I call inspiration…