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The New York Police Department opened themselves up to big bowl of slanderous worms yesterday when they forgot nobody wants to be a cop when they grow up.

In an effort to expand their approval rating amongst their various communities, their official Twitter account asked followers use the #myNYPD hashtag and post pics of their fondest memories posing with the boys and blue. Instead, the social experiment backfired and snarky users posted photos of the countless instances of police brutality was caught on camera.

Anyone lurking online could have tole them how Black Twitter got down but new Police Commissioner William Bratton already showed he is out of touch and admitted he didn’t see the backlash coming.

Reports the AP:

The #myNYPD misfire comes at a time when new Police Commissioner William Bratton is trying to re-brand the department to counter criticism that it has been trampling on people’s civil rights. Last week, it disbanded an intelligence unit that spied on Muslim neighborhoods, and it has promised to reforms to the crime-fighting tactic known as stop and frisk.

Bratton acknowledged Wednesday that the Twitter campaign may not have been fully thought through.

“Was that particular reaction from the some of the police adversaries anticipated? To be quite frank, it was not,” Bratton said. “But at the same time it’s not going to cause us to change any of our efforts to be very active on social media. … It is what it is. It’s an open, transparent world.”

Anthony Rotolo, a professor of digital communications at Syracuse University, suggested another appropriate response could have been #SMH — shake my head.

“A lot of time the eagerness to embrace social media tools overshadows our common sense,” Rololo said. “In other types of media, we would not so quickly jump to something like this without doing our groundwork first.”

Check out the type of pictures the NYPD intended the public share with them (there aren’t many) and visit the original post to see what actually having.

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