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Time and time again, we’ve seen the classic adage, “Black don’t crack,” get put to the test. Needless to say that the aforementioned compliment applies to actress Taraji P. Henson, who appears in a Vogue Italia pictorial shoot.

Henson’s stunning images are accompanied by an interview that briefly touches on everything from the most challenging aspect of being actress to who’s the most instrumental people to her success. “The most challenging aspect of being an actress is being a single mother while navigating my career. I am a mother first,” she said of the latter.

At 43-years-old, Taraji P. Henson is a mother, an Oscar nominee, and for visual purposes, extremely appeasing to the eye. See her in pictures by Itaysha Jordan on the following pages and look for her to star alongside actor Idris Elba in No Good Deep, due in theaters September 12. Share your opinions in the comments.

[via Vogue Italia]

Photo: Vogue Italia/Itaysha Jordan

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