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Police officers lying on their suspect is an old age practice amongst law enforcement that’s rarely proven in a court of law. So when dirty cops get busted for telling their fibs under oath, an angel gets its wings.

A 16-year veteran detective of the NYPD is facing perjury charges for making faulty statements to a grand jury about a cocaine arrest he made regarding two men and a few bricks of that china white in a duffel bag.

Reports: NYDailyNews:

Prosecutors say Salim searched two drug defendants, Wayne Davis and Jose Martinez, without probable cause, but covered it up with false statements to a grand jury and again at a suppression hearing.

Prosecutors said Salim had testified he and his partner in the Firearms Investigation Unit stopped the men at W. 144th St. and Bradhurst Ave. on July 13, 2009 only because they mistook Davis for a confidential informant who was wearing a similar outfit that day.

Salim had claimed the men told him a duffel bag at the scene wasn’t theirs, so he searched it after the men began walking away and found cocaine. Salim said he and his partner then went looking for Davis and Martinez and arrested them for the cocaine.

But surveillance footage and other evidence revealed Salim and his partner searched the men as they were standing there, prosecutors said.

“The defendant arrested both men, stopped and frisked them, and then search the bag,” Assistant District Attorney Ryan Connors told the judge.

Salim then “falsified” testimony to “create probable cause in the case,” the ADA added. Salim’s partner was not charged.

It was said that two-dozen police showed up to the hearing. Geese of a feather or nah?

Salim has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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Photo: YouTube/ABC