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Baltimore city officials are calling for the close of a popular nightclub after two incidents including a Yo Gotti concert that ended in a riot turned nearly fatal.

Yo Gotti made a stop in Baltimore, Maryland Saturday to perform at the city’s popular Velvet Rope nightclub.

According to police, 50 officers and a helicopter had to be called to the scene because a promoter overbooked the event.

After hearing that some of them would not be let inside the venue the crowd turned unruly and over 300 angry ticket holders tried to storm the doors.

Now just less than a week later, officials are calling for the club to be closed after connecting another nearly fatal incident to the establishment.

Police say that two men got into a shooting altercation after leaving the club.

Two men were fighting inside the Velvet Rope before being escorted out by security. After being led out into the street, shots were fired leaving both of them injured.

26-year-old Matthew Craighead has been charged with attempted murder and officers retrieved a .45 caliber hand gun.

Attorney Paul. H. Gardner says that Velvet Rope should not be held responsible for the unfortunate events and released a statement to the Baltimore Sun saying,

“There is no way this club is in any way responsible. The shooting didn’t happen inside the club. It didn’t happen right outside the club. Security did everything they were supposed to do.”