DJ Legacy is a Cali native that happens to reside in Tennessee for school. Nominated twice for SEA’s “Female DJ of The Year”, Legacy is leaving her stamp in clubs, parties and private events. Holding it down as HipHopWired’s first female DJ Of The Week, Legacy tells us the ups and downs of DJing, her plans to release nine mixtapes at once  and how she became affiliated with two DJ crews.

Origin: Oakland, CA

Current Location: Nashville, TN

HipHopWired: How’d you go from being in Oakland, California to Nashville, Tennessee?

DJ Legacy: College. I went to Fisk Univeristy to go into a music business program.

HipHopWired: How’d you get started DJing?

DJ Legacy: I started doing house parties and it went from that to being like, maybe I should actually do this. Then I met some promoters and some DJs and I started learning.

HipHopWired: Where do you DJ now?

DJ Legacy: On  a regular I DJ at club Atlantis, Thursdays I’m at Peal Fusions and other than that I’m booked at private events.

HipHopWired: Now I know you like to do a lot of mixtapes and I heard you were trying to do 9 at once. Are you still doing that?

DJ Legacy: Yeah this month I’m supposed to be working with this artist from Cleveland’s mixtape, Young Pharoah, and my manager who’s a Def Jam rep has me doing my Party Life mixtape volume 5. I put that out every so often. Then there’s Stats 141 from Florida , and my Sex Chronicles Volume 6. I just finished another one for a Nashville artist named Dice, I’m waiting on a release date. My 80’s babies volume 6 is coming out and I’m waiting for that to be released.

HipHopWired: Do you ever feel like people doubt you because you’re a girl?

DJ Legacy: ALWAYS! I alwaaays feel like I have to prove myself. I’m always being doubted and I always hear, Oh I want you to do this mixtape becuase it’s for the females. I’m like it’s cool, imma do it but I can do other things too. Then you deal with men who feel like, you have to sleep with me to get somewhere. It sounds so cliche but men do have it easier.

HipHopWired: Right…now I know you said you’re working with two different DJ crews. How’d you get started working with the Fleet DJs?

DJ Legacy: The Fleet DJs actually sent me a message on Myspace. I thought it was a joke but then went and researched them and I called them.

HipHopWired: And how long have you been working with Fleet?

DJ Legacy: I became a Fleet DJ in December of 08.

HipHopWired: Okay cool. What are other DJ groups are you working with?

DJ Legacy: I got the Superfly DJs, actually a lot of them are fleet DJs.

HipHopWired: How’d you get started working with Superfly?

DJ Legacy: Actually one of them who was in Fleet too told me about it. I saw his tweets and I saw what he was doing and he saw all the things I was doing. He told me, we really want you to join us…we’re starting a new crew. They told me they liked my grind and my hustle and it just went from there.

HipHopWired: Okay cool. Do you have any last words or shoutouts?

DJ Legacy: Shoutout to the Fleet DJs, the Superfly DJs, my brother DJ Rage. My momma because she’s my number one fan and my manager Kenneth Brown.

HipHopWired: Do you have a Twitter or Myspace? Any contact info?

DJ Legacy:, To submit music visit, for mixtape inquiries,

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