Violence erupted recently at Riker’s Island Prison located in New York and the alleged culprit that caused it is Brooklyn rapper Papoose.

The allegations stem from a performance from the rapper at the prison on May 30, 2006. According to reports, Papoose shouted out the name of inmate Dough Boy when the show came to a close. The following two months violence erupted in the form of eight slashings and stabbing in the facility. Jail officials believe that the inmate, known as Miguel “Dough Boy” Jeffery is a rival of the rapper and ordered these attacks on other inmates that were known associates of Papoose.

Born Shamele Mackie, Papoose and Dough Boy had once been affiliated with one another through music but disputes destroyed the alliance as Dough Boy felt as though Papoose dissed him while they were in the recording studio. As a result he shot at the entourage of the rapper and allegedly robbed one of his cousins of a $40,000 chain.

The inmate is currently serving 12 years for armed robbery and assault. He is serving his sentence at Great Meadow Correctional Facility in New York. He was also affiliated with the Bloods gang.

Riker’s Island has been going through controversy as of late with officials. On February 3, it was reported that guards at the Prison were encouraging violence among inmates. Along with this, news was revealed that particular inmates were being given preferential treatment while being incarcerated. This stemmed from allegations that a Jewish rabbi, Leib Glanz, was giving special treatment to orthodox Jews in the prison. The rabbi was a city jail chaplain and had control over various prisons in New York.

Another instance showing favoritism towards inmates involved rapper Foxy Brown while she was incarcerated. Reports stated that the rapper was able to receive meals in her cell along with makeup, she was given unlimited usage for the television and phone and even had an interview set up along with a photo shoot with a magazine to promote her album.