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Amidst strong allegations from his soon to be ex-wife over his earnings, Nas has stepped up to address the developing situation.

Kelis has asked for the rapper to provide her with $20,000 a month for child support and provide baby supplies. These supplies include a baby nurse, nanny and other staff, along with strollers and cribs. She has also asked that these supplies be provided for their homes in Los Angeles and New York. She has stated that she solely depends on Nas for financial support as she has not been touring for well over a year and could not generate her own funds to support the lifestyle she has.

According to the singer, the two also held separate bank accounts during their marriage where he generated various albums and created songs for soundtracks. She has also asked for extra money with this in mind so that medical expenses for the birth can be paid and their household can be maintained.

Up till now, Kelis has stated that her husband has yet to pay any child or spousal support.

This may seem excessive, but allegations have stated that his deal with Def Jam is more than enough to support her requests. Kelis’ divorce petition had indicated that the rapper had received $11 million when he switched labels and joined the ranks of Def Jam in 2006.

In response, Nas has stepped in to say that he wants to be fully involved with his child’s life and has denounced the alleged facts that his new label deal has generated the amount stated by Kelis. The deal, according to Nas in legal documents, generated less than half that amount coming close to being a $4 million deal.

Nas also added that while she may believe that his funds are continuing to climb, they are actually making a dramatic decline and reported that he takes in close to $150,000 a month and used almost half of it for clothing, toiletries, hair and other personal expenses.

He has agreed to provide her with baby supplies: $350 for a stroller, $450 for a baby sling and $1,598 for two cribs. $5,000 a month should be a sufficient amount to support a child that will be a newborn, according to Nas.

On April 30, a spokesperson confirmed that Kelis had filed for divorce from Nas and cited the reason as irreconcilable differences. They had been married since 2005 after dating for two years.

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