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“I brought my BFF Amber Rose out here. This is a massive attack!”

Nicki Minaj is continuing her “Massive Attack” on the rap world and prepping for the release of her first solo video.

Young Money’s Harajuku Barbie is prepping for the release of her first video preluding to the release of her first album.

Taking to the desert in Lancaster, California Nicki’s bringing along Amber Rose and super producer/ songwriter Sean Garrett for her visual assault.

Speaking on the concept of the “Massive Attack” video, Nicki tells MTV that she had to bring her best friend Amber along for the ride and describes a car chase scene in the Hype Williams directed project.

“I brought my BFF Amber Rose out here. This is a massive attack! We shot the helicopter scene. Obviously, I had to have a hot-pink Lamborghini. We’re having fun in the car, and we see a freakin’ helicopter chase us. So we get on the walkie-talkie, like, ‘Mayday! Mayday!’ It’s really fashion and beauty shots, and we’re acting like we’re doing something important.”

She also tells MTV that she didn’t want to do a typical video like other new artists and was excited that Birdman and Slim stuck by her vision after a chance meeting with Hype Williams in the airport.

“I didn’t want to shoot the typical new-artist vision. Thank God I have a wonderful label that stands behind me and my vision. I met Hype in a freakin’ airport…..We exchanged information, and it happened to be a week before I wanted to shoot a video. I told him the idea. Of course, I had to let Baby and Slim know and hope they would understand my expensive taste. It all came together. Sean Garrett is on the hook.”

Behind the scenes footage of her first visual were recently released to the internet. Check out pictures of Nicki, Amber and the pink wig clan of Barbies below courtesy of .