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After a 10 year hiatus, one of the biggest selling artists of all time finally gave fans what they’ve been missing.

Sade can be best described as an anomaly, a mystery in music that keeps listeners entranced.

She maintains a mysterious aura that’s transgressed from the 80’s to modern day culture only making light appearances, barely doing interviews yet maintaining her position in music based mainly on talent alone.

With her latest release “Soldier of Love,” Sade Adu doesn’t disappoint. She opens the project with “The Moon And The Sky,” a signature ballad about a love lost that could have been as great as heaven above. It’s typical Sade and sets the tone for the project.

Following that is the title track “Soldier of Love.”  “Soldier” gave the songstress just the buzz she needs, an edgy new beat laced with her classic vocals, it’s a standout track for sure.

In between there’s “Morning Bird,”  which sounds a lot like Love Deluxe’s “Pearls, following that there’s one of the few up tempo tracks “Bring Me Home” and the unexpected “Babyfather” with vocals from the singer’s young daughter Ila—how special.

The final track “Safest Place” makes you picture the beautiful British Nigerian with a face covered in sadness. It’s beautiful and daunting, a seamless ending.

Sade tells tales of love found, of love lost, of pain and sadness. It’s classic Adu with an edge, a staple for fans of the “King of Sorrow.”

In between singing praises to this project, I can see how the album’s melodic nature may prove to be too soft and too calming for some, almost like a songbook of bedtime sonatas. If you have this problem however I seriously question whether you’re truly a Sade fan.

Adu and her band of henchman deliver as usual, uniting their signature stellar sound with that voice, the voice that made her famous.

Soldier of Love proves to be yet another Sade classic.

If you disagree, that’s fine but with an estimated 50 million albums sold worldwide, I’m sure there are several people who agree with me.

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