“I don’t take it that serious, it’s a social network.”

Fabolous and Jim Jones have decided to put their short lived Twitter beef to rest—at least on Fab’s end.

As previously reported, the two fired shots at each other on Twitter after Fabo released his new video for “Body Ya” off his TINC2 mixtape.

According to Jimmy, the video was a direct bite of his signature style with chains and Louis scarves leading the two to have a war of words on the social networking playground.

Now however, Fab says he’s moved on and it all was just a joke taken out of context.

Speaking to MTV’s Tim Kash he says that he doesn’t know where Jones’ comment came from but he took the whole matter as a joke.

“You can say things and it can get taken out of context….I had fun with it, I made some jokes and that’s it. I’m not looking at it like I have any kind of problem…”

So I guess that short lived beef is a rap.


Can you body somebody else now Fab?

I’m getting bored….

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