50 Cent is running scared from the Jigga Man. He officially announced Thursday that he would not release his album on the same day as Jay-Z as previously planned. Instead his album will be released a full two weeks after Jigga’s September 11th release date. Pleased with his decision, 50 bragged about his new album calling it “perfect” and saying that production from Dr. Dre was running behind.

“My album-it’s perfect, I feel. I’m ready,” he told MTV. “I’m ready to put this album out. I really don’t need adjustments. I need a few songs to be finished, mixed. Dre, he drags his feet. He’s slow, but it’s because he’s so creative. He’s gonna make sure it’s perfect. I’m never mad at it. I understand that process from him.”

Despite Dre’s sluggish finishing touches, 50’s “perfect” album, Before I Self Destruct, hits stores September 29th.

In related news, G-Unit soldier Tony Yayo has said that he refuses to accept The Game’s apology. While expressing an understanding as to why Young Buck and The Game would leave G-Unit, and noting that there would be advantages to him leaving, he noted that he would never do that out of “loyalty”. The G-Unit underboss also called The Game “bipolar” and stated that his feelings on the Compton rapper’s apology is mirrored by everyone in the Unit.

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