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On September 22, 2009, the life of rapper Lil Boosie was changed drastically as his freedom was stripped and he was placed behind bars.

Having his sentence doubled to 4 years, the rapper was taken away at a point where his career could have catapulted.

As a friend of Boosie, rapper Jeezy has spoke with VIBE to give his take on the Louisiana native and his new circumstances in a cell.

“I sit back and I just think, that the lil’ homie [Lil’ Boosie] is sitting there in a cell but he was on top of the world.”

The rapper reflected on how Boosie was at a point in which he could have peaked and brought his city right behind him.

“In his lil’ world in Lousiana he was that n*gga. I used to tell him all the time your moves are big! And I done went down there and hung out with him in the club in the streets and everything, I done been in his hood and everything, so to me, it’s a sad thing to see…So you know, it just come with the territory, man, but it’s just hard, dog.”

Jeezy added how his perception of success was drastically changed after becoming a rapper and how things quickly change, sometimes for the worse.

“I used to hear cats like 8Ball & MJG, Pac, all of them rap about what it used to be like [when you get successful] and say what the h*ll? It can’t be that bad. Oh, it is. I see it now…If you ever listen to everybody’s second or third albums, it’s pretty much the same story: ‘these n*ggas tripping.’ I’m the same n*gga. I don’t think you change, I just think the things around you change.”