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Although they haven’t received the full respect of the mainstream, they have always been recognized and respected by the streets. With the release of D-Block’s latest offering, No Security, HipHopWired was able to catch up with one of the members of the L.O.X. In speaking with Sheek Louch he touched on the state of Hip-Hop, the story behind D-Block Next Generation and even the possibility of working with Puffy and Bad Boy when they finally release their third L.O.X. album. He was also able to give a little incite as to how he has continued to remain relevant in the music world.

HipHopWired: As the rap trinity, how have you three been able to maintain such a strong relationship whereas other groups/units have broken apart?

SHEEK: For one, I would say with the L.O.X., we weren’t a put together group. Like, no manager made me meet this guy and I didn’t meet him through this. We were really in the same high school, little league teams, and so on. So it ain’t like a lot of these guys that just meet each other through management. My mom may be on the phone with his mom right now. That’s the love. Our kids; like his kids might be at the house playing with my son, ya dig? It’s really some brotherly Shyte.

Somebody from out of town can’t tell me that Kiss said or did something cuz Imma say, “No he didn’t; that’s not him; he didn’t do that; he didn’t take that; he didn’t steal that,” you know what I mean? In your family, if someone said something about them, and was on the outside, you’d say nah he wouldn’t do that, you’re falsely accusing. That’s how it is with us.

HipHopWired: What is the current label situation?

SHEEK: Right now, I did my last project with Koch. Styles did his over there. It’s just love. We just grinding and sticking with that independent movement right now, especially in a time like this where sales are low. You might as well go get that bread another way.

With Kiss, first Hov was trying to get the whole L.O.X. and it didn’t take place because Ruff Ryders and Interscope weren’t ready to move on that right away. Hov had great interest in him, and that’s a good thing. Go over to that building, get that check and bring us over there. Let’s get some money together everywhere.

HipHopWired: What’s the update on the upcoming L.O.X. album? Should we be expecting it around Christmas?

SHEEK: That’s what Puff wants, for Christmas. We were up for it to drop then because that’s when all the big boys drop. It’ll be a good thing.

Right now, a lot of people are trying to get at us. It didn’t take place officially because Diddy wasn’t moving on certain things, or Interscope. Now the smoke is clear, we don’t have any problems with Puff and he’s making nice gestures at us; talking with our lawyers and tryna make something happen. Sheek speaking, I have no problem going over there with Puff. We’re grown now; he gave us our publishing back which he did not have to do. It may be a great thing.

Ain’t anybody out here that can’t say that the L.O.X. album won’t be great for Hip-Hop right now, period. I don’t care about sales, none of that. Everybody is out there auto-tuning and doing all this silly Shyte. I say hit the streets with some quality, that Shyte is fire, music. That would be great for Hip-Hop.

It was like why drop this project if Puff still has our publishing because we could have came out and did it with anybody else. Being that we worked it out and he gave it back, now it’s time to get busy. We probably got 15-20 songs done that I can say that I love, but I need to get up with Kanye,, I wanna get with all of em. Tryna get Timberland again, let’s do a “Ride Or Die Chick Pt. 2.” We got people to get at real quick before we let that out. I’m sure that if we do go the Puff route, he got some ideas. We just need to put our heads together and make it a classic because people have been waiting too long just to get some bullShyte.

HipHopWired: Who should we be looking forward to as it relates to production for the album?

SHEEK: Dame Grease is in-house and that’s fam. Swizz as well because he’s a giant. I don’t want them to just send me the beats though. I would like to just sit down and just get with Kanye and see what’s going through his head. Also people like I could say the obvious like Dr. Dre and all that, but I want to go weird with it and make some other Shyte. I want to get back to the essence.

HipHopWired: What was the story behind D-Block Next Generation?

SHEEK: I’m loving these guys, they’re keeping the youth and the spirit going and I’m just feeding off their vibes, their flows and so on. I think with what they’re bringing to the table, you’re going to see a lot of out movements in them as far as how they handle and conduct themselves. I’m not saying that they’re trying to be the L.O.X. but they just have our mannerisms. Me and Styles don’t even really have to spit anything because they got it. Our feet are up. They’re growing and still learning.

Some of these guys came from Yonkers, knowing them from our hood and seeing the talent in them. We met some on the road. The crazy Shyte is, with the demos that we got we actually popped some of these Shytes in, listened to them and was like “Man, this is fire.” Like we really have to hear this and call this dude up. We not like the mo*herfu**as that just get the demo and throw it in the back. We actually pop the Shyte in, ya dig?

HipHopWired: What is the overall feel/vibe of No Security?

SHEEK: Album in stores baby, I’m loving it. We’re trying to go all around with it. There’s just a bunch of different people on there. Like the joint with OJ Da Juiceman, we can do different angles with the music.

HipHopWired: What made you guys release, “Get My Paper” as you are known for being more edgy together?

SHEEK: We know that ya’ll are expecting, from the L.O.X., that killer, shoot your head off type, but we just tried to switch it up this time and come with something different.

With the whole video, we just tried to get back that whole Bad Boy feeling like the “One More Chance” joint with just having a good ole house party. It’s summertime, so we wanted to give that good feeling.

HipHopWired: Is there anyone that you guys have not worked with that ya’ll would like to reach out to?

SHEEK: With the L.O.X., you’re going to see something incredible. You are going to see joints with us and Alicia Keys. The sky is the limit with that. We have to go big because there is no other way, especially with the Sheek album because I’m reaching for the goons, the thugs, the women, everybody. I got some locked in right now, but I can’t share them just yet. I’ll let you know a little earlier and just slide you the album.

HipHopWired: As Jadakiss had made the transition working with Jay-Z, will there be any Roc/L.O.X. cuts to look forward to in the future like “Reservoir Dogs” and “Blackout”?

SHEEK: Why not? I mean Hov is dope lyrically and I would love to do more work with him. Real talk, we have beef with nobody. It’s hard to get money and be beefing. I’m ready to do big world tours with everybody.

HipHopWired: Aside from these two projects, are you guys in the works of making solo projects?

SHEEK: I’m working on my project right now. I’m tryna come by like October. I’m excited because I got so much fire, it’s retarded right now.

HipHopWired: What’s going on for ya’ll outside of the rap game?

SHEEK: I’ve been into the real estate lately. Trying to flip it in a time like this where it’s nice and cheap. I tried a couple of movie roles, but I ain’t get one yet (laughs). For real I’m just living and learning and trying to get behind these artists and put it out because I can’t rap forever. I can do it mentally, but hopefully they can just blow up and be the next big thing.

HipHopWired: What are your perceptions of the Hip-Hop game right now?

SHEEK: The game is dope. The sales are definitely an important part. Everybody would love to do platinum the first week. Hip-Hop ain’t dead or none of that Shyte. I’m on the road right now and I’m at North Point. I got my homies with me. It’s a way to get your people off the block and get them away from all of the bullShyte and see the world. Hip-Hop ain’t dead, it’s a vehicle to take you to other Shyte.

HipHopWired: How, after being in the game for so long, do you continue to appeal to masses?

SHEEK: We pay attention to what’s going on. I don’t become them. I know that they’re doing this sound because I watch and I just won’t become what’s happening out there. I’mma listen and be like okay that’s what’s going on and I’ll just do mine a little bit different, but make sure that the youth keeps us in mind. I’m a monster right now. Even dabbling and trying new songs like the “Good Love” joint. That just put me in a whole ‘nother level with these women. I’m LL Cool Louch right now.

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