Incarcerated rapper Prodigy from Mobb Deep plans on releasing an autobiography after he’s released from jail. The Infamous P took to his blog that he updates from jail and gave details to his fans revealing that he would personally write it himself and that it would be relevant for years to come.

“I have an autobiography coming out the same time that i get out and i decided to save my best knowledge and information for my book. If i let it all loose in these blogs then it would leave little to nothing for my book to reveal. A lot of people in the music industry put out autobio’s but only a hand full actually write them personally and actually have information to share that is worth anything and that will last and be relevant for many generations to come. I can guarantee that my autobiography will be relevant 100 years from now cause its not some bullShyte written just to sound good. People will learn from my book and can even share the information with their children.”

He then continued on saying that his book is for “all people” and he hopes it will enlighten the ignorant.

“When you are dealing with the soul and well being of you and your children, you better believe you gotta deal with reality and pure, good, clean information that is accurate. Black people don’t read? No, ignorant people don’t read. My book is for all people… even the ignorant one’s cause, hopefully it will give their a*s some enlightenment. I believe a part of my life story will attract several ignorant people to pick up my book and help them see Shyte in a different way. I’m sure it will.”

Prodigy was sentenced to 3 ½ years after police stopped him and fellow rapper, The Alchemist for making an illegal U-Turn in 2006. They were charged with gun possession after police found an unlicensed handgun in the car. Prodigy plead guilty to the charges and accepted a plea deal. Charges against The Alchemist were later dropped.

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