What do you think of swirly relationships?

Moguldom Studios is very excited to introduce the groundbreaking documentary release of ‘The Swirl’ for Summer 2014.

The Swirl tackles societal and cultural issues relating to interracial dating, asking the question; is it the new trend or still taboo? There was a time when interracial dating was a taboo practice that could lead to physical harm or even death. Today it seems to be of greater acceptance as with celebrity power couples Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or Ice-T and Coco. The Swirl takes a comedic look at this serious topic by digging into the cultural shift in attitudes around interracial relationships.


The Swirl is set to be released on May 27, 2014, with the DVD and digital download available for purchase on, Google Play, iTunes and Moguldom Studios. Also A Genius Leaves The Hood is now available in physical DVD copies on Amazon, with options to rent on Instant Video for $3.99 or buy on Instant Video for $9.99.

Find out more about The Swirl right here.

Photo: Moguldom Films