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Despite their ubiquity on the fast food market and endless stream of cash flow, McDonald’s can’t catch a break for being the symbol of adding fat cells.

In an effort to get their social media presence alive and promote more nutritional eating habits for children, the Golden Arch club rolled out a new mascot dubbed “Happy” which is a living Happy Meal box, complete with a strong-faced scowl and a full set of teeth.

The description alone should have given the suits up at McDonald’s headquarters an indication on how poorly received Mr. Happy would be but the outcome was tripled in disastrous responses (more on that in a sec).

According to Bloomberg, the central location released a statement defending the terrifying creature saying, “At McDonald’s, we’re always looking to bring fun and happiness to families and listening to our customers’ asks to have more variety and wholesome options for kids to enjoy in their Happy Meals,” said Julie Wenger, senior director of U.S. marketing, McDonald’s. “Together, Happy and Go-GURT Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt give kids and parents something to look forward to during their next trip to McDonald’s.”

The news of McDonald’s new mascot fail comes on the heels of New York City McDonald’s workers banding together to protest outside of the Oak Brook, Il location where the chain is based.

More than 2,000 fast-food workers, community supporters, clergy and elected officials have set out to protest what MSNBC called the “biggest fast-food strike ever.”

“We’re taking our demands for $15 and a union from New York City to McDonald’s doorstep in Chicago because we want to let the company know that we’re real people with real responsibilities and that we’re not going away”, said Omar Freckleton, a McDonald’s employee who makes $8.00 an hour. “I have a young daughter, and I don’t make enough to support her. It’s about giving her the life she deserves, about being able to pay for food, clothes and transportation every month. I work for a $5 Billion dollar company and I shouldn’t have to choose. It’s that simple.”

Peruse through the gallery to see McDonald’s new mascot take a supreme L on social media. Nobody’s lovin’ it.

Photos: Twitter

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