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Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine haven’t even been able to spend the first dime from their multi-billion dollar Beats deal with Apple and they are already facing legal drama.

First up to bat is Steven Lamar, the alleged “father” of the Beats headphones franchise because he hasn’t received any royalties from his four percent stake in the company.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

In 2006, Lamar was president of SLS International when he says he took his concept for celebrity musical artist-endorsed headphones to Iovine, the co-founder of Interscope Records

According to his cross-complaint, he’s not only the founder of Jibe Audio, but also the founder of Beats Headphones. He’s also been called the “father of Beats headphones” by others.

“Lamar’s concept envisioned a partnership between technology that would provide a superior audio experience and an iconic product design and brand identity promoted by a well-known and respected music artist,” says Lamar’s cross-complaint. “Iovine proposed that Dre be the celebrity musical artist to endorse the headphones.”

Last Friday, former hedge-fund manager Steven Lamar fired a legal salvo aimed at Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and others with claims of breach of contract and demands to be paid as much as four percent of royalties on headphone sales. Lamar’s cross-complaint comes in the midst of a dispute that popped up in Los Angeles Superior Court this past January after seven years of peace between the parties.

A drunken Dr. Dre confirmed the Apple merger at the beginning of May and while there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the house Steve Jobs built, there hasn’t been any blowback, either.

For all you armchair lawyers, the full cross-complaint can be found here.

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