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Sainsbury’s, a popular supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, recently disgraced themselves with a high level of ignorance after they displayed a 12 Years a Slave mannequin next to the recently released DVD/Blu-ray.

The model was dressed like Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character, Solomon Northup and even had a twig stuck to its get-up.

Reports Metro:

The mannequin, which was on a stand selling DVD and Blu-ray copies of the Oscar-winning film at a branch in Oxford, wore a ripped beige shirt and black trousers – and even had a twig in the pocket.

The ragged clothes didn’t appear to be on sale themselves, but their use as a way of pushing sales of the film was at best a very bizarre PR stunt.

It was brought to the public’s attention when a Twitter user took a photo of the stand and uploaded it to the social media site, where it was roundly condemned.

Amid the backlash, Sainsbury’s issued a swift apology. The display has now been taken down.

“We can only apologise,” the chain said on its Twitter account. “It’s been taken down from the store. Clearly should never have gone up.”

Most of the English residents hip to the struggle launched into a slanderous trending topic, dubbing the store #Slavesbury.

Enter the gallery to see the pics of the 12 Years a Slave mannequin and try to wrap your head around the fact someone thought this was a good idea.

Photos: Twitter/Felicity Morse

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