Jedi Mind Tricks – “Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story”

“I don’t know why I’m over here, this job is evil/ They sent me here to Vietnam to kill innocent people/ My mother always said, the President he doesn’t care/ He’s trying to leave the footprints of America there”

Eric B & Rakim – “Casualties Of War”

“But I hear warfare scream through the air/Back to the battlegrounds, it’s war they declare/A Desert Storm: let’s see who reigns supreme/Something like Monopoly: a government scheme”

Geto Boys – “F*ck a War”

“In Vietnam a lot of n*ggas died young/P.O.W.’s got hung/What the f*ck do I know about a grenade/All I know is the couch and my 12 gauge”

Photo: Getty

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