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George Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin has caused great distress to the people closet to him and his parents are legally stating they felt the burdened aftermath of his deeds.

They are suing comedian/actress Roseanne Barr for sharing their address on Twitter while the entire world was calling for their son to be arrested in March of 2012.

Reports NYDailyNews:

Robert and Gladys Zimmerman say the tweet by Barr on March 29, 2012, caused $600,000 in emotional distress, according to federal court documents, after they were forced to “flee their house in the middle of the night.”

Of that amount, about $37,400 will cover additional expenses such as hotel rooms, travel, meals out and laundry, since they couldn’t live at their Lake Mary, Fla., property after Barr shared their address.

Roseanne Barr is being sued by the parents of George Zimmerman, who say they endured emotional distresss after she shared their address on Twitter.

The comedian later deleted the tweet shared with more than 100,000 people, which also included their telephone number and names, court documents show, but journalists had already descended upon their home.

Barr engaged her Twitter followers after deleting the message, justifying her decision by saying she was simply combating Zimmerman’s vigilantism with a taste of his own medicine.

Spike Lee got caught up in the same legal turmoil for tweeting the wrong address to the Zimmerman resident and settled out of court. It’s likely that Roseanne is headed down the same path.

View the screenshots of the incriminating tweet in the gallery.

Photos: Twitter/Roseanne Barr, Nikki Nelson/

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