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According to his lawyers, Jay Z has such a “grueling” work schedule, he doesn’t have time for a lawsuit they deem “ridiculous.”

Dwayne Walker, who sued Hov over his iconic Roc-A-Fella logo, wants the rap mogul to sit in for a deposition next month. The clothing maker is claiming he designed the emblem circa 1995 and now wants $7M for his handy work.

Jay’s lawyers have stated in legal documents that the deposition is trivial and much less important than all the other doings the rapper has lined-up. The attorneys have also described their client as “one of the most prolific and hardest-working businessmen and recording artists in the world” before adding, “preparing a stadium tour is a non-stop effort.”

As such, Jay’s 18-city North American tour with his wife Beyoncé, is priority over said lawsuit.

In other words, Mr. Carter will circle back when he’s good and ready. Thoughts? Chime in at the bottom in the comment section.

[Via TMZ]

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