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Wiz Khalifa all but overshadowed the happenings of the Neon Desert Music Festival when he got arrested for marijuana possession in Texas on Sunday morning. Ironically (actually not really), his detainment came on the heels of the release of his weed-themed mixtape, 28 Grams.

While his lawyers will handle the legalities of the case from this point on, the El Paso holding center which took the star rapper in is launching their own internal investigation for the Wiz Khalifa jail selfie that immediately went viral as soon as he was placed in his cell.

Reports TMZ:

El Paso cops are investigating a breach in jailhouse security … they want to know how in the world Wiz Khalifa managed to sneak a selfie while he was in lockup.

We broke the story … Khalifa was busted early Sunday at an airport security checkpoint for trying to carry weed on a plane. He was hauled off to jail … where he took a selfie and tweeted it out.

Now we’re told police brass have launched an investigation because inmates are NOT allowed to take pics in the jail with their phones. Cops want to know if Khalifa was left unsupervised or if one of the jailers was a star f-er and facilitated the pic.

The state of Texas will most likely come in 50th place in succession for legalizing marijuana but this won’t slow Young Khalifa down one bit. It’s an exercise in futility.

Hit the gallery to see the pics that have the El Paso police department so livid.

Photos: Twitter/Wiz Khalifa

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