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The world’s worst-kept secret was finally confirmed yesterday (May 29) when Apple decided to own up to the rumors that they were buying Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s Beats Music for more than $3 billion.

There was speculation that Dr. Dre’s early revelation of the merger would possibly quell negotiations but that proved to be false. The Hip-Hop community already lauded Dre for becoming the culture’s first billionaire (or closet thing to the title) but meanwhile on the otherside of the tracks, folks had another nickname for the music mogul. Following the official Apple announcement, Dre was slandered on Twitter for being a “sellout.”

It all began when Twitter user @mkfnch harmlessly enough stated the obvious with a “Dr. Dre’s Homies: Then and Now” caption alongside a photo of legendary rap group N.W.A and Dr. Dre with his new business partners.

Through a series of retweets and regrams, several Caucasians voiced their disdain for the move accusing Dre of not being the gangsta as heard on 20+ year-old rap albums. Some even had the nerve to refer to him as the n-word in their 140-character rants.

Hit the gallery to peep a handful of the new haters Dre’s success has brought out the woodwork.

Photos: FayesVision/, Twitter

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