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The passing of Maya Angelou brought forth swift Twitter tributes from celebrities and various members of the Hip-Hop community alike, but some people were just trying to latch themselves onto a trending topic for the sake of being seen.

And that is where Sharkeisha comes back into the news. The Texas high school teen is equally known for her Jaws-esque name as she is for the brutal fade she served up on a classmate for a dispute over a boy. She has since amassed a Twitter following in the upward of 40K and she embarrassed herself in front of all of them with a possibly well-intentioned, but severely misguided tweet to the late poet.

“RIP Maya Angelou (sad face) you sat on the bus so people today can walk to their dreams. We love you baby!,” she tweeted, obviously getting her Angelou and Rosa Parks lessons mixed up. It doesn’t take a history major who graduated magna cum laude to figure out what happened next. Her mentions were shambles and to save face, she attempted to retweet the most slanderous ones.

Sharkeisha launched a “woe-is-me” PSA, citing the Black community for being quick to tear each down opposed to offering up fast on-the-spot support and education. She has a point but a quick click on one of the countless news articles or Google search would have spared her all the same. One Twitter user even pointed out that Maya Angelou’s name was an apparent copy-and-paste job since it was spelled correctly. Ouch.

Flip through the gallery below to see what the people had to say about Sharkeisha’s Black history mistake.

Photos: Twitter

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