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Justin Bieber‘s year of struggle has just gotten worse. There is footage of the Beebs using the n-word in a racist joke that has now made it onto the Internets. 

This is not the best of looks for someone who counts African-American stars like Usher, whose label he is signed to, and Will Smith, among others, as mentors. There is also his gang of weed carriers who are also Black.

Reports Page Six:

Bieber is seen sitting on a couch with a woman, whose face has been blurred out, when he asks, “Why are black people afraid of chain saw?”

A male pal off camera tried to stop Bieber from finishing the joke: “Dont even say it, don’t say it,”according to the video posted on the London Sun’s website.

But Bieber can’t help himself and delivered the nasty punchline: “Run n–ger, n–ger, n–ger, n–ger, n–ger.”

The Sun reported that Bieber’s team knew about the offensive video clip and had offered big bucks to keep it quiet.

A rep for the puny pop star could not be immediately reached for comment.

The clip was allegedly recorded when the Pop singer was 15, and TMZ says they chose not to post it when they first saw it four years ago.. We can’t wait to see how Bieber’s camp tries to spin this one.

Watch the footage below. Tell us what you think of Bieber’s sense of humor in the comments.

Photo: YouTube