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Inmates at a Georgia jail have been treated to a slight change in decor.

The entire jail has been painted lime green and hot pink and the traditional orange jumpsuits have been traded in for ones in pink and green as well.

Sheriff Bobby McLemore says he made the decision to change the color scheme at the Ben Hill County jail to better control the temperament of the inmates.

He tells WALB,

“We have had very few fights, tempers don’t flare half as bad as they used to this really worked.”

Sheriff McLemore says he got the idea after seeing how some of the jail cells were overwhelmed with graffiti and how unruly some of the inmates were acting.

“Before we painted the jail pink it was loud you couldn’t hardly hear yourself think.”

On the women’s side of the jail, female inmates are made to wear lime green jump suits to match the lime green interior of their section.

So far the inmates don’t seem too upset by the change. One inmate tells WALB,

“It was more depressing but the pink really doesn’t make it as much as a prison.”

Check out video of the Ben Hill County Jail below.