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R&B star August Alsina strengthened his reputation for making headlines for all the wrong reasons during his latest show in Little Rock, Arkansas.

While riding on his bodyguard shoulders, Double A toppled over into the audience when his baseball cap was snatched from his head. Almost immediately, his Bruce Banner gamma ray blood cells began to boil with green and he threatened to hold the crowd hostage until his lost headwear was recovered.

“Any motherf***** in here that just took my motherf*****g hat…,” August screamed, threatening to start a riot. “AIN’T NOBODY LEAVING OUT THIS B*TCH UNTIL I GET IT BACK, STRAIGHT UP!,” he bellowed.

After roughly about a minute of impatience, August was fed up and felt like he couldn’t go on. “Sorry man, but the motherf*****g show over,” he whimpered. “I love y’all but it ain’t my fault.”

Needless to say, the crowd wasn’t pleased and there were plenty of people who voiced their opinion on social media to let it be known.

Allegedly, the hat was dear to August’s heart since was bestowed upon him by his late brother. But if Iggy Azalea can get sexually violated for her stage dives, no article of clothing is sacred in the crowd. Just saying.

Watch the event in question below and jet through the gallery to see the slander the August Alsina hat fiasco racked up.

Photos: Johnny Louis/, Twitter

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