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Congressional leaders dashed the dreams of many Washington D.C. residents Tuesday after they decided to can a proposed voting rights bill that would have allowed the District a voting seat in the House of Representatives.

Just a few short days ago congress announced plans to move forward with the voting bill giving D.C. the vote in congress it’s waited more than two centuries to obtain.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced Tuesday that congress decided to drop the bill and said he was “profoundly disappointed.”

Hoyer says congress decided to abandon the bill mainly because of a provision the Senate added that would weaken the District’s gun control laws.

The bill would have increased the number in the House from 435 to 437, giving the district a seat and a “temporary at-large” seat for Utah.

With Democrats expected to lose House seats in November’s elections, many D.C. voting rights supporters are fearful that this failed attempt was their last chance.

The decision to discontinue to the bill came abruptly.

At Hoyer’s press conference Tuesday, the media was presented with schedules saying the vote would occur. Minutes later however Hoyer told them that the vote had been cancelled.