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Despite Justin Bieber’s latest racist video, a number of (Black) celebs have gone to bat for the Pop singer, defending his usage of the N-word for one reason or another.

Now added to the growing list of celebs who have copped pleas for The Beebz and his N-word vomit is Mack Maine and all of YMCMB (including Lil Wayne and Birdman).

“[Justin Bieber] legitimately adopted the culture of the hip hop, African American culture,”

said Mack Maine to TMZ. “I remember telling a white man, Chinese man, Black man joke as a kid that was terrible and I told it to my friends because I thought they’d think it was funny.”

Prior the newly published clip of Bieber singing about “one less lonely n**ger” and joining the KKK, a slew of celebs defended the singer and his initial racist recording. Folks like Floyd Mayweather and Whoopi Goldberg went for bat for the mainstream sensation, forgiving him for repeatedly saying “n**ger” in a piss poor joke amongst friends (he did apologize, right?)

We got wind of who else came to his rescue. Check out 11 celebs who justified Bieber using the controversial racist term. Let us know who surprised you the most in the comments, and if, indeed, he should get a pass.

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