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It will be a long and struggle-filled offseason for Houston Rockets star center Dwight Howard if allegations of him interacting with a 16-year-old girl prove to be true.

The story is all hearsay and speculation at this point but the topic has become a focal point of much of the entertainment world today, June 5.

Photos of Howard hanging in a hotel room with a pair of girls who are rumored to be high school sophomores (around the ages of 16) surfaced and garnered quite the reaction. In both of the photos, ordered room service food is seen on the table and in the first one, Dwight is seen walking in holding the hand of the one he’s being accused of having some sort of relationship with.

According to some dirt digging by Baller Alert, the girl in question goes by the name of “Debbie” and has been flown out to various locations by Howard on several occasions. He even bestowed a “Princess” nickname on her. Allegedly, of course.

Black Twitter did their due diligence and found pictures of the young lady working at McDonald’s and a few other selfies. Additionally, iPhone text message screenshots were also posted online but there hasn’t been any proof that those weren’t created to fan the fire the situation has started.

Peep the memes the Black Twitter community showered Howard’s struggle–true or not–with. And yes, there were compare and contrasts to R. Kelly. How could there not be?

Photos: Twitter

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