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Yeah, we watch Orange Is The New Black around these parts. There isn’t anything sweet about jail, but we are hella entertained by the struggle that goes down upstate in a women’s prison and its cast of zany inmates. How could you not be interested in a show features a chick called “Crazy Eyes,” a ditzy white girl that got sent to the bing for dealing drugs 10 years ago and how Red, the prison chef, essentially runs the joint?

The show is a hit and now its characters like the aforementioned Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) and Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Red (Kate Mulgrew) are becoming household names. While you get used to them in their prison jumpsuits on your TV screen, check out what your favorite characters look like when they clean up in the following pages.

The new season of Orange Is The New Black is now streaming on Netflix.

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