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Rappers and concert promoters have an interesting relationship. Both kinda’ need each other to survive, yet they always seem to clash.

If everything runs smoothly all parties end up satisfied. The concert promoter makes some money, the rapper makes money, the fans are happy, all is right with the rap world.  But that’s not how it always goes down.

Promoters and rappers tend to be embroiled in struggle more often than not. And those discrepancies usually end up details in a lawsuit, or maybe a fight.

Take Sean Kingston for example. According to a promoter in L.A, he was roughed up by Kingston’s entourage because he didn’t pay up fast enough. If the story is true, Kingston’s situation is one of a bunch of business deals gone bad, and the promoter isn’t always the victim.

Check the gallery for a history of rapper vs. promoter struggles.


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